About Us

Heart2Heart Farms did not begin as a business idea; it began as a crusade...

Like so many parents today, Tyler and Liz Boggs were concerned about the hormones, pesticides, and other chemicals in the foods their daughters were eating.  It only took a little research to realize they wanted to make some major changes.  Soon their family noticed an increase in their energy, vitality, and overall health as they eliminated the chemicals and processed foods from their diets.  It wasn't long before the extended family wanted to eat better and buy from the farm - but it didn't stop there.  Tyler and Liz began receiving calls from friends, then friends of friends, all of whom wanted to make the shift to buying local, chemical free, nutrient dense meats and produce.  And thus, Heart2Heart Farms was born!


what to expect

When you visit the farm, you should expect wind, rain, snow, slush, mud and muck and all sorts of slippery and uneven terrains. There WILL be poop on the grounds from free-ranging animals, and those free-ranging animals may be quite persistent and pushy in their solicitation of attention - dress appropriately - odds are you will get DIRTY. As most wildlife species have a natural "musk," (some quite pungent), there will be animal odors and yes even flies. If you find these terrains, odors and animals off-putting, then we are definitely NOT the place you should be visiting. 

Watch our intro video!

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We're a self-sustaining farm, which means we harvest & process all our own livestock, tan hides and even dry the bones for bone-meal and tools (disclaimer: during a visit you might see cow parts, hides or evidence of a recent harvest). We're still in the process of creating enclosed / designated space for all these systems, so scheduling trips out is always important! 

There's also often construction in progress. We consider all of this a part of the "experience" that you should be fully prepared for - evidence of the zest and zeal of a true animal and farm lover.


At Heart2Heart Farms we hope to continue our mission for as long as we are able... providing access for everyone in the community, regardless of income level, to a better way to live and eat.