Whether you’d like to help care for the animals, tend the land, or help put up a new barn, we’d love your help! We absolutely could NOT do what we do without the INCREDIBLE volunteers to graciously give their time and help!

If you want to help, but are also hoping to use your skills to earn farm goodies, check out our Work-Trade Program!  Or if you want to help and focus on learning, perhaps the Internship Program would best meet your needs!

Passionate volunteers are an essential element to keeping costs down and making the difference we dream of in your area.

Our wonderful Heart2Heart Volunteers


Ensure animals get quality care, attention, and room to roam.

Tend to food crops so they can grow naturally, without having to use chemical herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and bugs.

Help beautify the area so we can invite the children in our community to come visit, and learn the importance of nutrition in protecting our health and energy levels.

Provide the vision and voice of the people, aligning what we do at Heart2Heart Farms with those we serve.


Contact us below if you are interested in volunteering!

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