Piglet Foster Program

City Pigs, as we like to call them, are the cutest addition to any living environment, and these guys are PERFECT for suburban/rural backyards and/or SMALL farms, because they're MINI! Crossed between 3 small breeds (a runt  American Guinea Hog, Kune Kune, and Juliana), these guys stay smaller than most other pigs, And have a much longer life expectancy than teacup varieties!


The foster program began as a simple program to save runt piglets from being culled, but was so popular and such a wonderful approach to increase piglet health and survival, we've expanded it!

Fostering a piglet requires incredible commitment, an application, and a deposit of $100. Keep in mind, these tiny babies are newborn, and will need bottle fed every few hours for the first few days. Once your paperwork is approved, instruction is complete, and you're comfortable with the process, you'll get to pick up your foster piglet. We love to teach, and are on call for any questions or concerns you might have.


At the end of 5 weeks, you may choose to return the healthy piglet for a refund of $50, pay the remaining balance to adopt, or roll your existing deposit into a new foster piglet!

Contact us below if you are interested in our piglet fostering program!

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