We believe in providing for everyone - regardless of income level - access to natural, pure, nutritious food.

Our Products

As a self-sustaining farm, we harvest & process our own livestock, tan the hides & dry the bones for bone-meal and tools. We want everyone to have access to the local, chemical-free, nutrient dense meats and produce that we grow! 

Our Services

We offer consultations, classes, trailer rental & livestock hauling as well as castration, hoof trimming, dehorning - we also go out of our way to support talented local artists!


Get Involved

Do you love animals, farming or working outdoors? Would you like to gain experience and instruction in agriculture, animal husbandry or basic construction? Do you want to help needy families in your community?


No Waste Farming

Respect for life means nothing is wasted. We teach hide tanning, bone carving and primitive tool making to ensure all resources are utilized and life is honored.