Artists Corner

We love supporting our local artists!

 We understand as an artist, it can be difficult to get established. We are happy to promote, support, and trade food for your help in beautifying this farm space. Whether your passion is stained glass, stone, carving, painting, ceramics, glass, fiber, ink, or any other artesian enterprise - you're welcome here!

mark doty

My name is Mark Doty, and I don’t want to be on assistance or dependent on the government, so it is time to tell my story. You see, I am autistic. I believe in America and the land of opportunity, however, for EVERYONE. I believe here ALL people can go after and achieve their dreams, and so I have started a woodworking business of my own…to inspire others. Why? Because life can be hard.

I saw how differently everyone treated the other autistic kids, and I didn’t want that. I began to wonder how I would ever support myself if I could not write, spell, or read very well. I was afraid I would be alone. But, God had a bigger plan for me.

I discovered my gift for woodworking by God’s good grace. I was volunteering with Heart2Heart Farms and CSA in Sherwood and they were helping me find what Tyler called my “area of brilliance.” He assigned me project after project, but when he had me start working with wood, my life changed. As I barked logs for a new pole barn, I fell in love. I watched, in awe, as the wood transformed beneath my hands. I LOVED every moment of it! I was mesmerized as the wood took shape before my eyes. Minutes became hours, and time flew by. It was then farmer Tyler noticed a change in me and decided to train me to work with wood. 

It has been 6 months now, and every time I work with wood, I feel so excited - it is better than any video game I can imagine. As my skills improve, I tackle new projects, and I am determined to support myself and provide wonderful signs to my community. I love to see people showing off my signs and displaying them with pride. I also use fallen timber for my signs and am learning to make my own lacquers and be fully sustainable and take care of our environment. Thank you so much for helping support me. If you give me a chance, I can make almost anything for you, and if I don’t know how yet, farmer Tyler says he’ll teach me.

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Robin Geck

Robin Geck started studying glassblowing and perfecting her skills in the trade since 1994.  By 1997, she was teaching and making the most magnificent pieces art!  She is patient and kind and ready to take introduce you to the beautiful world of glassblowing.